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London February 7th
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The key Issues

Headship is a deeply rewarding, yet often emotionally demanding and isolated role.

The disappearance of the National College of School Leadership, reduced role of local authorities and pressures on school budgets have left Heads, especially new Heads, even less supported.

Headteachers deep beliefs about the best way to improve young people’s lives can often feel at odds with the system’s accountability demands.’

Headteacher Wellbeing

Although Heads know they have to address the workload of staff and the wellbeing of pupils, they too often need to find their own ways to manage the ever increasing stresses and strains of a job they may love, but which at times can feel very isolated and unsupported.

We are always happy to come and talk about ways of responding to the hidden pressures of Headship and organise one of our Headteacher Wellbeing Seminars for you and your colleagues.

Coaching is not a luxury

In the world beyond school, people doing roles that carry the complexity and seniority of Headteachers would assume that they would have a coach. This is not just about ‘improving your performance’ and finding more stuff to worry about. As Viv Grant of Integrity Coaching puts it ‘leadership coaching helps you to ….stay motivated and connected to your passion and values’.

We believe that coaching is an entitlement, not a luxury. We are therefore compiling a directory of coaches and throughout 2020, we are campaigning for every Headteacher to have a personal coach.

Safe spaces to talk

Stayhead Education is fortunate to be working with and learning from Dr Emil Jackson of Tavistock Consulting and Mind for Work Ltd. who for many years has been running ‘work discussion groups.’ These provide a regular, safe space for Heads to talk about the tough issues they face in such a demanding job, and to share with their peers away from the pressures of competition and the market, that can make open communication between schools and Heads very difficult these days. Our aim is to help spread the growth of these safe, supported spaces to talk, so every Head can access one locally.


Stayahead Education was set up by Alastair Falk, an ex Head of three schools. It grew out of his own experiences and conversations with Headteachers across the country, and with people whose daily work is coaching and supporting Headteachers.

He became increasingly concerned that ,while pupil and staff wellbeing were rightly being seen as crucial , nobody was really thinking or talking enough about Headteacher wellbeing.

Heads had to find their own ways to manage the ever increasing stresses and strains of a job they may love, but which a times can feel very isolated and unsupported.

Stayahead Education aims therefore to highlight the people and organisations who can support Headteachers, for schools of whatever type or size.

We want to offer positive, helpful solutions to the differing needs of headteachers at various stages in their careers and we want to ensure there are safe, supportive spaces to talk about the hidden pressures of this great, but emotionally demanding role.

Above all, we want to ensure all school governing bodies and trust boards ask themselves one simple question : what percentage of our budget are we investing in the wellbeing, support and development of the school’s lead professional?

In 2020, we are focusing on supporting Heads to overcome ‘the hidden pressures of Headship’ through a series of regional breakfast seminars and through working with our key partners, InspirEducate, Courageous Leadership and Integrity Coaching and the Education Support Partnership and our media partner TES Global. We are also campaigning for every Head to have thier own personal coach.

Headteacher wellbeing

Come and join us for a breakfast seminar on how to face the hidden pressures of Headship

Our Core Beliefs

The wellbeing of the school’s lead professional is central to the success of the school

Headship is a continuous journey
Coaching is an entitlement, not a luxury
All schools, even the smallest, are complex eco systems

All Heads needs time to reflect and learn

All Heads should have safe spaces to talk about the hidden pressures

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See how Stayahead Education can help you, perhaps by organising a local Headteacher Wellbeing Breakfast or providing you with a coach, or simply offering to spend some time listening to your concerns.